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About me

My birth name is Alfonzo Sparkman I was born August 19th 1979 in St. Louis Missouri. My stage name is Kingtay Artist which derived from ,my mother calling me funny so i went from Funny to Fonnie, Fon to Fontay then Tay to Kingtay Artist. King came from me being told I was " such a Leo" and the Artist part represents what I do. I consider myself a story teller I like to take a picture of my life and say what I see or how i'm feeling and that is what make it so realistic. With my music i hope to inspire and encourage people to make better and wiser decisions with my messages and words. I can honestly say that I was inspired by Chingy and Peso. I view myself as a people person I really enjoy inter-acting with people from all walks of life. Thinking back i will say that it took me approximately 6yrs before I knew i could do this professionally. The first rap i have ever written was so wack it was about people being two faced it went something like this nigga be changing faces well,well nigga i'm changing too so what you gone do when me and my crew come for you lol I think i was 20yrs old at the time. My first performance was at Sonnys Club, Boston Cabarey in Sacramento,CA. I remember like it was yesterday. I would say to anybody who is trying to make it in this industry, just stay at it and put the time in it that is suitable for you. Don't over work yourself until you get tired of it and never give up if it's your dream. My ultimate goal is to be heard and felt by the world. If or when I am considered by a major label it would have to be good money and I would have to be able to put out not something that they think the world want to hear. My presence have to be felt.In conclusion I would first like to thank God. My mother for the way she raised me and my father for making me. A sincere thank you to the people who believed in me and a special thank you to Studio C Big Bryant and my cousin Skills for creating most of my beats much love to my fans.

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